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Launching a Product?   Here’s How Magazines and News Channels Can Help

A product launch is a huge undertaking – the following tips will help you in your contacts with appropriate journals and digital platforms:

  • It is easier to interest a reader (and therefore the editor, looking for news for his publication / news channel) in a product when it is new than at any other point in its life.  Many copywriters have a fatal instinct for burying news. That is why most advertising for new products fails to exploit the opportunity that genuine news provides.  It pays to launch your new product with a loud boom-boom – but directing your spend to your core 3 (or 4 maximum) target publications / digital channels
  • Extend your (editorial) press coverage as far as you can – apart from the writing and distribution costs, there is no additional spend incurred in doing this.   And, if done well, will give you key pointers as to what other channels have audiences who will buy your product or service.
  • Be careful, however, as, contrary to what most beginning marketers believe, great copywriting is never hyperbolic. The larger the claims you make in your advertising, the greater the level of psychological resistance you'll get from your marginal prospects. Since successful marketing depends on converting marginal buyers, expert copywriters are reluctant to make extreme claims
  • Instead of wild promises (that may be irresponsible or misleading), you'll have much greater long-term success by using indirection, voice, attitude, and specificity to hook and sell your prospect
  • In "Confessions of an Advertising Man", David Ogilvy said, "Avoid superlatives, generalizations, and platitudes. Be specific and factual. Be enthusiastic, friendly, and memorable. Don't be a bore. Tell the truth, but make the truth fascinating."
  • It pays to inject genuine news into headlines. The editor (and reader) is always on the lookout for new products or new improvements in an old product, or new ways to use an old product.   But remember that editors have huge demands made on their time and will decide very quickly from your press release if what you have sent in is of interest – you need to get their attention in the title or first line and a half of your release
  • Keep releases short, 150 words.  And always follow up to see if more information is wanted.
  • Be certain to include your company’s name, person to contact, phone and email address
  • For product news, send photo with a description of the product.  Also list a few technical specifications as well as the product’s main application(s).
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