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Print Channels – For Successful Branding, Positioning and Sales Growth

Today vendors have an almost endless array of print and online options when it comes to advertising their products and services.  Indeed, striking the right balance between the print and online media poses an additional challenge for those companies seeking to reach their target market.  To help improve the success of your organisation’s advertising efforts, the following insights, based on over 25 years experience in high level scientific, technology and medical markets are offered.

  • Be discerning - to execute a successful advertising campaign, it is essential that vendors be discerning in their advertisement placements, regardless of whether they are with traditional print venues or via the web.  Publishers offer print and online channels and the most effective channel can vary depending on a whole host of factors
  • Print advertising  - is the most effective medium for image-building, branding and awareness
  • Journals act as an editorial ‘sieve’ - allowing readers who have selected those as their premier information sources, to rely on the content as speaking to their particular information needs
  • In order to achieve greater success with their advertising strategies, vendors need to place their print ads in publications that readers perceive as trusted and welcome sources of information
  • Advertisements in such journals benefit from the same regard, placed as they are in a highly specific editorial context, where readers are specifically looking for information to help them do their jobs more effectively
  • It pays to give most products an image of quality. If your advertising looks ugly, consumers will conclude that your product is shoddy and they will be less likely to buy it
  • Segmentation is a key factor in advertising and sales success.  Positioning products or services for specific demographic markets increases returns.
  • New Products - It is easier to interest the consumer in a product when it is new than at any other point in its life. Most advertising for new products fails to exploit the opportunity that genuine news provides. It pays to launch your new product with a loud boom-boom
  • Most advertising campaigns are too complicated. They reflect a long list of marketing objectives. They embrace the divergent views of too many executives. By attempting too many things, they achieve nothing. It pays to boil down your strategy to one simple promise - and go the whole hog in delivering that promise
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