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Life Sciences / Biotechnology Audience

The skyline of the life science industry is constantly changing. It’s more important than ever to select your campaign channels to specifically target those who are both in purchasing mode and are actively involved in the purchasing decision making. Similarly, those looking to make purchases in this market need faster and more efficient ways of doing this. That’s where we come in.

Biocompare is not only a product comparison website but an editorially relevant tool for keeping up to date with progress made in the life science and biotechnology market. Our editorial articles, product reviews and application notes (provided by our partners) allow a broad spectrum of information to be collected in a single source. We are the leading resource for up-to-date product information, product reviews, and new technologies for life scientists.

Biocompare combines an in-depth knowledge of life science products and new technologies with the power of the internet to offer scientists the most dynamic, relevant, and innovative media-based marketplace for life science information. Produced by scientists, our mission is to provide free, time saving services to life science researchers, allowing scientists to find and learn about the technologies that drive discovery. We do this by providing specialized search tools, articles, product reviews, webinars, videos and technology spotlights all designed to ensure that Biocompare remains a trusted and comprehensive source of product information. Our aim is to strive to serve the life science community by providing new and improved online services that facilitate product discovery and technology education.

In Autumn of 2012 we did a readership study to gain a further insight into how people were using Biocompare and what actions they took with us, both on and off the site. Looking at how users interact with us and how they subsequently buy products in the market gave us a key understanding of how Biocompare factors into the purchasing and decision making of our users. We would love to share this information with you – to find out more, please contact us directly. 

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