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Laboratory Equipment

Sourcing equipment via the internet has never been easier than it is right now. However that doesn’t mean that getting the right equipment is just as simple. The ability to compare and contrast items when making important (and costly) equipment decisions makes your job easier as well as cutting the time it takes to make these important choices. Having a single channel for various companies and not spending precious time having to consult a number of different websites, catalogues and resources allows you to quickly made decisions and spend more time actually working in the lab which is the ultimate goal.

American Laboratory and Labcompare provide a unique platform that integrates both online and offline channels, allowing advertisers to reach and engage laboratory professionals worldwide. The newest Compare Networks channel, Labcompare is designedfor research scientists, laboratory managers, academics and engineers, who routinely use or buy scientific equipment. It combines easy search functionality, detailed and complete specifications, and the ability to compare products side-by-side across manufacturers to make it the ideal destination for scientists looking for new products to purchase.

With the combination of print editorial from American Laboratory magazine and the product comparison abilities of Labcompare, nearly 95,000 subscribers and over 610,000 annual unique visitors across all disciplines can stay up-to-date with the latest technology advances, discover the products and services that best meet their needs, and make more informed purchasing decisions. The content of American Laboratory, coupled with Labcompare’s state-of-the-art online marketplace and interactive services, makes the partnership between American Laboratory and  Labcompare the ultimate technology and product information resource for scientists and researchers, and a fully integrated platform for marketers to connect with laboratory professionals.

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