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Digital Options

Digital advertising provides marketers with immediate, measurable metrics, and will convert the recognition and branding awareness generated by skilful message positioning into a quantifiable lead-generating mechanism.

Options include:

Web Banners

Website banner ads are one of the dominant forms of advertising online, providing a direct response if a robust call to action is included in the creative.  Banners running concurrently also increase the impact of other online or offline marketing campaigns by driving brand awareness and positioning.

Product Listings & Lead Generation

Listing the products and services you offer with Biocompare, Labcompare or Pharmacompare allows potential customers to find out detailed information about them in a clear and concise way. Product listings include links to drive traffic to your website. Qualified leads are generated when the user clicks on the request information or request quote buttons and fills in their information.  


Advertising your job on the IEEE Jobsite provides you with the resource you need to reach the brightest and most qualified candidates — professionals you want to fill your technical position. International companies such as ABB, BP, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NXP, Philips and Total use the IEEE Jobsite in order to advertise their positions competitively and ensure they’re reaching the uppermost level of candidates.


  • Contextually relevant top-line position in subject of immediate interest to subscribers
  • Full reporting
  • Delivers your message to an audience who have need of your products

To see sample eNewsletters from Biocompare – click here
To see sample eNewsletters from IEEE – click here


  • Targeted by interests – 33 areas of scientific interest
  • Targetable by country
  • Complete tracking through GoodData

To see sample email alerts from Biocompare – click here


Live and “on-demand” webinars give peer-to-peer access, allowing professionals to view seminars and presentations in their own time, making them cost-effective and convenient. By synching video to PowerPoint through Flash, web seminars become interactive. Scientists and researchers can skip between slides, request a quote, ask a question, or click through to your website or product page on Biocompare, Labcompare and Pharmacompare.  A format that is educational and compelling full service, including registrant contact information.

To see webinar examples – click here


A microsite is a webpage designed to educate buyers on your new product or upcoming event through detailed information, interactive video and an easy form where they can request more information. Fully customisable to meet any marketing needs, using a microsite will help you boost awareness, drive sales leads and registrations, and precisely measure ROI on your marketing spend.

White Paper /Technical Paper Hosting

Deliver technical, protocol, or application based information to scientists through Technical Articles. Full reporting.

To see white paper hosting examples – click here


By creating a video for your company or product using our video production team you can reach your audience in an effective and easy to digest manner. We can create the following videos:


Creation and deployment fulfilment of custom surveys to your target market needs

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