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In any knowledge-based industry, the leaders and early adopters – that core group of clued-up and highly effective people - who drive agendas and decisions, and control the majority of purchases made by organisations are the key to long-term sales, particularly when markets are more challenging.

It is essential that suppliers make their customers' shortlists to be considered in the buying process.  

The most effective method to do that, and where you will have the greatest influence on them in the formative stages of the decision-making process, is by placing your information in the editorial environments they use and trust the most – to ensure you secure or retain your place on these lists.  Being "absent" during the consideration process of your potential buyers is not an option in any economic climate – they’ll be evaluating products they intend to purchase very carefully, from you and your competitors.

In overwhelming numbers, they want to know what you bring to the table — your technical solutions, how you resolve technical obstacles and the scope of your technology development work. They want direct peer to peer access in your company.

We can start the opening conversation with them about your unique capabilities, because they're engaged in our many online and print resources for learning and discovery.  They are inventing tomorrow's technology — and they decide whether your company's technological capability will be part of it.  If they don't know or aren't clear on what those capabilities are, you don't exist, you risk missing inclusion.

Click on the main audience group, and then select the specific target audience you want to reach for core information on each and the options to reach them.

You can also request a sample copy, demographics and media information, by clicking on this link.  Or email or call us at any time.  We’ll be delighted to answer any questions, or address your specific requirements.

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