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Advertising Tips

  • Define your Audience and Reach – Make sure you’re reaching the appropriate, targeted audience. Doing research on the audience of a site before placement means you know 100% of the people seeing your banner are relevant. Google AdWords are effective for catching the highest volume of people – but they catch all the people. Someone looking for lab equipment might search for mixers, but so may the budding chef! Targeting your exact audience will lead to a higher sales conversion rate for your campaign.
  • Watch your results – Monitoring your results is key and something specifically beneficial about digital advertising. If your ad has been running for six months and your response has been limited, you need to try something different. Use the analytical tools in your advertising account dashboard to track your ad campaign’s success. If you’re finding something’s not working, either change the audience or change the creative to something they’ll respond to.
  • Test, Optimize, Retest – Try different creatives and don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Digital media is unique in that you can measure results almost immediately.  The early days of a campaign should contain a number of ads that reflect different targets of the programme. Once you’ve used them for a suitable amount of time, check the response rates of each and find out what’s working. Look and see what’s working and combine your best efforts into a single ad if possible.
  • Seamless Post-Click Experience – Make sure that where the click through is landing is appropriate for the message you’ve put across in the banner. Nothing stems response rates more than promising information then not following through. Getting positive click-through rates are ideal but if they don’t go on to buy from you (or find out further information) the campaign can’t be considered a success.
  • Create a specific landing page – You can’t expect to track the response rate accurately if the banner is going through to a home page. Creating specific landing pages for each campaign shows you exactly what the response rate has been for that particular banner.
  • Create a call to action – users have a higher rate of responding to a web banner when there is actually an instruction to do so. Something as simple as ‘click here’ or ‘find more information’ has a strong correlation to response received.
  • Be consistent – as with print advertising, recognition rates are related to how often users are seeing the same images, logos and colour schemes when associated with a company. They should immediately be able to recognise which company is advertising through design before even seeing the company name flash up.

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