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Antennas and Propagation Quarterly IEEE Antennas & Propagation Magazine serves the field relating to antenna theory, design, and practice propagation.
Biocompare   The leading online resource for up-to-date product information, product reviews, and new technologies for life scientists.
The Bridge 2 x annually Content pertinent to IEEE-HKN honor society members including professional leaders, exceptional educators, outstanding students and young engineering professionals.
Circuits and Systems Quarterly Covers circuit theory, and the application of circuit theoretic techniques to systems and to signal processing.
Computational Intelligence Quarterly Covers both natural and artificial systems including bioinformatics, linguistics, robotics, games, neural and more.
Computerwise Biweekly eNewsletter With 100,000 subscribers this biweekly newsletter delivers the latest expert perspectives and analyses computing, software, hardware, embedded systems, networks and related technology.
Consumer Electronics Quarterly Covers the vast influence of modern electronics on consumer products including devices that make lives easier and safer.
Control Systems Bi-monthly Focuses on applications of technical knowledge and concentrates on industrial implementations, design tools, technology review, control education and applied research.
Design & Test Bi-monthly The journal covers practical methods and expert assessments of new methods in design and test to keep circuit designers and test engineers ahead of the pack.
Electrical Insulation Bi-monthly The journal covers all aspects of dielectrics and electrical insulation.
Electromagnetic Compatibility Quarterly Covers the capability of systems or equipment to be operated in the intended environment and more.
Energywise Biweekly eNewsletter With 100,000 subscribers this biweekly newsletters delivers the latest expert perspectives and analyses on power, climate change, alternative energy and green technology directly from the IEEE Spectrum Energy and Green-Tech channels.
Geoscience and Remote Sensing Quarterly Covers systems that utilize synergistic technologies and systems engineering concepts to develop and improve remote sensing systems of all kinds.
IEEE JobSite World’s largest technical talent pool - Focuses on a potential audience of more than 2,000,000 engineers, tech professionals and senior level managers world-wide. Award-winning website.
Industrial Electronics Quarterly Covers intelligent and computer control systems, robotics, factory communications and automation, flexible manufacturing, data acquisition and more.
Industry Applications Bi-monthly Covers the development, design, manufacture and application of electrical systems, apparatus, devices and more.
Intelligent Transport Systems Quarterly Covers systems utilizing synergistic technologies and systems engineering concepts and more.
Labcompare   Labcompare is the online product comparison site for laboratory directors and technicians and allows them to compare and contrast various laboratory equipment, specified by category.
Microwave 8 x per year, incl Chinese edition Covers microwave theory, techniques and applications for components, devices, circuits, integrated circuits and multi-circuit assemblies.
Nanotechnology Quarterly Covers the building of circuits and devices from single atoms and molecules.
Photonics Society News Bi-monthly Covers lasers and electro-optics, the application of lasers, optical devices, optical fibers and more.
Potentials Bi-monthly The magazine is the publication dedicated to undergraduate and graduate students and young professionals. This award-winning magazine explores career strategies, the latest research and important technical developments.
Robotics and Automation Quarterly This magazine deals with prototyping, demonstration and evaluation, and commercialization of robotic and automation technology and systems. It serves as the major forum for the application of theory to real-world systems, with an emphasis on implementation.
Robotics News Biweekly eNewsletter With 100,000 subscribers this biweekly newsletter delivers the latest advances in robotics, automation, control systems and related areas.
Signal Processing Bi-monthly Covers audio/speech, aerospace, automotive, communications, computers, consumer products, image and more.  Society Website banners also available.
Solid State Circuits Quarterly Covers design, testing and application of circuits and subsystems as well as device technology and circuit theory.
Spectrum Monthly The flagship publication of the IEEE, explores the development, applications and implications of new technologies. Read by over 400,000 engineers worldwide, Spectrum provides international coverage of all technical issues and advances in computers, communications, and electronics.
Spectrum Chinese Edition Monthly IEEE Spectrum licenses a monthly edition in simplified Chinese, with distribution to readers in strategically targeted high tech centres that include Beijing and Shanghai and the Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and Liaoning Provinces.
Spectrum Online Updated daily Award-winning website of the global tech community. Video, radio, webinars, blogs, white papers, plus all the content of the print magazine. Over 1.4 million page views per month. Industry specific channels on aerospace, biomedical, computing, consumer electronics, energy, green tech, robotics, semiconductors, telecom. And the award-winning JobSite.
TechAlert Weekly eNewsletter With 400,000 subscribers this cost-effective marketing vehicle delivers innovative technology and science news report to the world’s largest professional technology aggregator and industry standards organisation. Helping them to stay current, competitive and informed.
Technology and Society Quarterly Covers health and safety, engineering ethics and professional responsibility, technical expertise and public policy, economic issues and more.
Test & Measurement Monthly eNewsletter With 100,000 subscribers this monthly newsletter delivers the latest news, applications and analyses on emerging test and measurement technology for IEEE members building new instruments or deploying them in demanding applications.
The Institute Biweekly eNewsletter With 465,000 subscribers this biweekly newsletter keeps members up to date on the latest technology issues, product and service information, volunteer activities, awards, member profiles, benefits and recognitions. Can be combined with The Institute Website and Quarterly print editio.n
Vehicular Technology Quarterly Covers land, airborne and maritime mobile services; portable commercial and citizen’s communications services and more.
Women in Engineering 2 x per year This magazine recognizes women's outstanding achievements in electrical and electronics engineering, and promotes and enhances the career advancement of women in the profession.
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